How to Reach Bardia National Park?

One of the finest tiger reserve in Nepal, Bardia National Park is located in Western Terai region of Nepal in Bardia District. There is a small village called Thakurdwara in Bardia District where Bardia National Park has sheltered an area of 968 square kilometres. This park is one of the largest national park terai belt which protects three big animals Tiger, Rhino and Elephant as well as two different types of crocodiles, two different types of monkeys, 5 different types of deer, over 400 species of birds, many lizards, butterfly, insects, deadly snakes etc and one and only Black Buck.

If you just measure the distance from Kathmandu or Pokhara city like, yes Bardia National Park is miles away but if you avoid the distance and target for wildlife then it’s not a far. Here is the best way how to reach Bardia National Park?


From Kathmandu:

Distance almost 590 Km, Approx Travel Time: 15 Hours

While you are in Kathmandu, there are daily buses that run from Kathmandu Balaju Bus park to Mahendranagar or Dhangadi early morning or evening time so you have an option day bus or night bus. If you choose these route you must ask bus staff for a ticket up to Ambassa Bardia only where you will be getting off and wait for a local transportation or if you have already booked your hotel, they will come to pick you up.

There is a direct bus from Kathmandu to Thakurdwara village leaves from Balaju bus park that may departure around 1 PM or 2 PM and you will be in the lap of the Bardia National Park when you get off.

It might be boring to travel such a long distance but if you choose your day bus half way through your will be enjoying the view of green hills and tirsuli river, forests, and the lowland Terai and their structure. Your 15 hours travel goes beautifully.

From Pokhara:

Approx: 12 Hours

The bus journey takes around 12 hours from Pokhara to Ambassa to Bardia. Same as Kathmandu, daily buses run from Pokhara to Mahendranagar or Dhangadi then get off at Ambassa. You have the same option as Kathmandu either you can catch morning or day bus.

You will be enjoying the view from the bus by the riverside and traditional village side while on the way to Bardia.

From Butwal:

Approx: 6 Hours

You can find many buses from Butwal to Mahendranagar or Dhangadi that go via Ambassa which will take approximately 6 hours.

From Nepalgunj:

Approx: 2 Hours

If you are coming from India via Nepalgunj here is the option to be  Bardia National Park. Many buses run from Nepalgunj to Dhangadi, Mahendranagar, Karnali Chisapani via Ambassa then change the bus from Ambassa to Thakurdwara. Or you may find a direct bus from Nepalgunj to Thakurdwara Village but you will have to wait as the bus leaves on a certain time schedule.

From Ranjha Airport, Nepalgunj:

Approx: 2 Hours

Ranjha airport is close by Nepalgunj, Once you are landing at the Airport, take a Rikshaw from the airport to the main road, probably 10 to 15-minute ride. on the main road, you will have to wave your hand for the bus that goes to Mahendra Nagar or Dhangadi via Ambassa.

From Mahendranagar: 

Mahendranagar is located right next to Indian border called Banbassa if you are entering Nepal via Far Western Nepal and crossing the border is not really hard. When you arrive at Banbassa Indian border make sure you stamp your passport the same day you can cross the border and be inside Nepal just after around 600 meters. 

When you are in Nepal, please make sure you get the Visa from Nepal Immigration to be legal during your stay in Nepal. At Mahendranagar, ask the locals to find a bus that goes Nepalgunj via Ambassa Bardia then here you are at Bardia National Park for your memorable adventure wildlife. 














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