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The Kingdom of Bhutan is wedged between India and China along the lofty mountains of the eastern Himalayas, between longitude 88°45′ and 92°10′ east and latitude 26°40′ and 28°15′. With an area of approximately 38,394 square kilometers, Bhutan is comparable to Switzerland in both size and topography, being largely mountainous. With these borders a giant staircase is formed from a narrow strip of land in the south at an altitude of 10,000 feet. These unclimbed Himalayan peaks are among the highest on Earth


Bhutan is a peaceful country with strong traditional values based on religion, respect for the royal family and care for the environment. Located in the magnificent Himalayas, Bhutan is also named as ‘The Land of Peaceful Thunder Dragon’ due to the regular feature of storms in the Himalayan region. Spread over 18,146 miles, Bhutan offers breathtaking mountain views, incredible scenic beauty, exciting wildlife and a rich culture and lifestyle which Bhutanese people still strives to preserve in the face of modernity. Explore the distinctive Bhutan architechture, Buddhist monasteries, carved wooden houses and the fine crafts on your tour to Bhutan.

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Thimpu – The Capital of Bhutan
Capital to the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, Thimpu is situated at an elevation of 2300 meters. It is perhaps the smallest capital in the world that exhibits splendid traditional Bhutanese art, architecture, culture, and tradition and above all still so ethnic and pure. The place celebrates breathtaking Thimpu Festival, also called the festival of dances in a grand way.

Prime Attractions
Paro Valley – A Beautiful Valley
Paro Valley is one of the most developed cities of Bhutan and also a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the country. The picturesque Paro valley has some of the most ancient temples and Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan and for these very reasons Paro Valley is one of the most visited destinations of Bhutan.

Historical Sites Of Bhutan
Tongsa – Home of the Wangchuk Dynasty
Tongsa is an ancestral home to the royal family of Bhutan,. The Wangchuk Dynasty controlled the country of Bhutan from the Tongsa Dzong till the time democracy was officially incorporated in Bhutan. Tongsa also houses some of the best shopping destinations in Bhutan selling hand woven textiles at very competitive prices.

Bumthang Valley – Sacred Destinations of Bhutan
The valley of Bumthang has some of the oldest Buddhist temples and sacred sites in its vicinity thereby making this valley a religious center of Bhutan. Beautiful natural sceneries and its many old forts makes it one of the must visit hot spots of the nation.

Forts Of Bhutan
The Bhutanese forts or Dzong as they are often called are one of the prime attractions to this country. The Dzong in Mongar built in 1930 is the most recent addition to the architectural delights of Bhutan. It is said that to built the famous Mongar Dzong of Bhutan no drawings were used.

Built in the year 1654, Lhuendrup Dzong in Lhuntse is considered to be one of the most ancient monuments of Bhutan. Lhuntse captures within itself rich ancient heritage of Bhutan.

Wildlife Of Bhutan
Jigme Dorji National Park
Jigme Dorji National Park is named after the third king of Bhutan. It is one of the largest and protected sanctuaries of Bhutan and like all other national parks in Bhutan is operated under a development scheme operated by the World Wide Fund.

Flora & Fauna
Bhutan has it all in the form of its rich Flora & Fauna. Starting from the Blue Poppy which is also the National Flower of Bhutan, junipers, magnolias, edelweiss, uncommon orchids, giant rhubarb, tropical trees, pine trees and oak trees to its Fauna which includes red pandas, the golden langur, snow leopard, musk deer and the himalayan brown bear.

Shopping In Bhutan
Bhutan is considered to a good shopping destinations if one is looking for handicrafts and antique jewelry. Known for its famous shops selling handmade textiles, wooden products, carpets, metal jewelry and handicrafts. In fact the Handicrafts Emporium on the main street of Thimpu is open everyday to cater to the tourist population. Also famous shopping place is the Motithang Hotel souvenir shop which is located in Thimpu where all sort of old coins and antique collections are found here.

How To Reach Bhutan
By Air
Paro International Airport, the only airport in Bhutan is a 2-hour drive away from the capital of Bhutan and is served by Druk Air, the only airline connecting Bhutan.

By Road

Bhutan is connected to prominent places in India like Darjeeling and Gangtok through road and is approx..

The Kingdom of Bhutan is wedged between India and China along the lofty mountains of the eastern Himalayas, between longitude 88°45′ and 92°10′ east and latitude 26°40′ and 28°15′. With an area of approximately 38,394 square kilometers, Bhutan is comparable to Switzerland in both size and topography, being largely mountainous. With these borders a giant staircase is formed from a narrow strip of land in the south at an altitude of 10,000 feet. These unclimbed Himalayan peaks are among the highest on Earth.

Bhutan embarked on the path of socio-economic development in the 1960s and is now one of the fastest developing nations in Asia . The impressive strides in the development sector have not come at the cost of the culture and environment. With more than 70% of the total area covered by forests and diverse flora and fauna, the country has been declared as one of the “Ten Global Hotspots.” In cities and hamlets across the kingdom, the people have a way of life that is rich in tradition and steeped in the age-old system of hospitality. The pristine state of the environment and the vibrant tradition and culture and the kindness of the people are some of the long-lasting impressions that visitors touring & Trekking in Bhutan have cherished long after they leave. The country has also not shied from the good that modern life has to offer. It is this ability of the Bhutanese people that fascinates the visitor. For instance, a sick Bhutanese can either go to see a doctor trained at the best medical schools of India or a traditional medicine practitioner well versed in the country’s own medicine. The intermingling of the Bhutanese culture and Western culture has produced a fascinating visage that makes a Tourism and Travel to Bhutan a very memorable one.

The first tourists came to Bhutan in 1974 when the present monarch His Majesty the King Jigme Singye Wangchuk was crowned as the fourth King of this land, the Thunder Dragon. Ever since, Bhutan has welcomed thousands of visitors. One would think that years of development have eroded the beauty of this country, which was referred in the olden days as the “The Lotus Garden of the Gods.” All this progress has come in tandem with the preservation and promotion of the country’s cultural heritage. The Government pursues an active policy of preserving the numerous temples, monasteries and fortresses that dot the countryside.The monastic schools and meditation centers located across the kingdom are home to thousand of monks and priests who cater to the spiritual needs of the Bhutanese people. The weavings and a vast range of handicrafts are known for their beauty and make perfect gifts. All in all, Bhutan beckons the traveler in you. So come and Travel to Bhutan with us for a unique and enriching experience of your life time.

Glimpse of Bhutan

This 5 day tour offers you the essential experiences of Bhutan, tailored for those who have limited time but great interest in this amazing country. We have designed this tour for those who are pushed for time, but wish to experience the essential Bhutan – the culture, the history, the food and the wonderful people! This trip allows the traveller to see the stunning traditional architecture and the landscape on an overland drive to the ancient capital. We get to explore this truly unique culture, clothing and crafts, the famously spicy food and of course to learn about Bhutan’s incredibly rich Buddhist heritage! All of this, set in the beautiful Bhutanese landscape with its high

Day 01 : Arrive at Paro

Day 02 : Thimphu – Punakha – Wangdi Phrodang Dzong – Thimphu

Day 03 : Thimpu – Paro

Day 04 : Paro Sightseeing

Day 05 : Departure

Journey to Shangri La

This 9 day tour allows you to explore Paro and Thimphu in depth and gets you out into rural Bhutan to visit the ancient capital of Punakha; Phobjikha Valley, a famous shelter of the rare Black Necked Cranes; and to Bumthang in Central Bhutan. With so much to see and experience in Bhutan, how does one choose how long to stay and what to see? We have designed this trip to give you an extra-ordinary experience of life in Bhutan, from the cities and towns, to rural life, nature and the stunning landscape and, of course, the monastic life of this Buddhist Kingdom where Gross National Happiness is a higher priority than Gross National Product.

Day 01 : Welcome to Bhutan

Day 02 : Paro, Excursion to Taktsang Monastery, Thimphu

Day 03 : Thimphu Sightseeing

Day 04 : Thimphu – Punakha

Day 05 : Punakha – Gangtey – Trongsa

Day 06 : Bumthang sightseeing

Day 07 : Bumthang sightseeing

Day 08 : Bumthang – Thimphu

Day 09 : Thimphu – Paro (Departure)

Visa is required for Traveling to Bhutan and it is processed in Thimphu through a local tour operator such as Yak Adventure Travel. No foreign missions/ embassies abroad grants tourist visa.

* All passport details should be forwarded to the agent at least 1 month prior to date of travel for visa processing.
* Actual visa is stamped only on arrival in Bhutan with the support of visa clearance, which will be sent to you in advance.
* For all Travellers, entering Bhutan via Druk Air, visa clearance number is forwarded to the concerned overseas Druk Air Stations and without this clearance number the passengers are not allowed to board the flight.
* For Travellers entering the country by surface through Phuentsholing and Samdrup Jongkhar (The border town in the Southern Bhutan), visa Clearance number is forwarded to the Local Authority and the actual visa is stamped on arrival. Two copies of passport size photographs are required on arrival. –

Visa fee is USD 20 per person and it should be paid along with the Tour payment

* Royalty
* Charges for accommodation
* Food and Beverages as per the ‘Minimum Meal Entitlement’
* Service of Guides
* Transport within Travel to Bhutan
* Riding ponies and pack animals on treks

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