How to Reach Bardia National Park?

How to Reach Bardia National Park?

Bardia National Park: An Oasis of Biodiversity in Western Nepal

Bardia National Park, situated in the Western Terai region of Nepal, is recognized as one of the finest tiger reserves in the country. Spanning an expansive 968 square kilometers, this park is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, safeguarding diverse flora and fauna.

Key Features:

  • Location: The park is centered around the small village of Thakurdwara in Bardia District.
  • Wildlife: Bardia National Park is renowned for its conservation efforts for three major wildlife species: tigers, rhinoceros, and elephants. Additionally, it shelters various crocodile and monkey species, five types of deer, over 400 bird species, lizards, butterflies, insects, deadly snakes, and the rare Black Buck.

Getting There:

  1. From Kathmandu:
    • Distance: Approximately 590 km
    • Travel Time: 15 Hours
    • Transport Options: Daily buses from Kathmandu Balaju Bus Park to Mahendranagar or Dhangadi are available. Travelers can choose between day and night buses. Direct buses to Thakurdwara village also depart from Balaju Bus Park around 1 PM or 2 PM.
  2. From Pokhara:
    • Approximate Travel Time: 12 Hours
    • Transportation: Buses from Pokhara to Mahendranagar or Dhangadi, passing through Ambassa, offer a scenic 12-hour journey. Travelers can opt for either morning or day buses.
  3. From Butwal:
    • Approximate Travel Time: 6 Hours
    • Transport Choices: Numerous buses ply the route from Butwal to Mahendranagar or Dhangadi via Ambassa, taking approximately 6 hours.
  4. From Nepalgunj:
    • Approximate Travel Time: 2 Hours
    • Travel Route: Buses from Nepalgunj to Dhangadi, Mahendranagar, Karnali Chisapani via Ambassa are available. Travelers may change buses at Ambassa for Thakurdwara. Direct buses to Thakurdwara are also accessible on a specific schedule.
  5. From Ranjha Airport, Nepalgunj:
    • Approximate Travel Time: 2 Hours
    • Mode of Transport: Upon landing at Ranjha Airport, travelers can take a rickshaw to the main road. Buses heading to Mahendra Nagar or Dhangadi via Ambassa can be flagged down on the main road.
  6. From Mahendranagar:
    • Travel Time: Varies
    • Travel Route: Travelers entering Nepal via Mahendranagar can find buses heading to Nepalgunj via Ambassa. Alternatively, buses to Thakurdwara are available on a specific schedule.

Despite the considerable distances from major cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara, reaching Bardia National Park becomes an integral part of the adventurous journey. The mesmerizing landscapes and diverse wildlife make the travel experience worthwhile, offering a memorable adventure in the heart of nature.

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