Janakpur Tour


  • Visit Nepal’s famous Janaki Temple
  • Explore the city of Love where Goddess Sita was born
  • It is one of the famous for a religious place called Janakpurdham


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Janakpur Tour (Ram Janaki Mandir) is one of the sacred sites for Hindu devotees. It is a birthplace of Sita, a daughter of King Janak. Also, Janakpur was the capital of the ancient Indian Kingdom Mithila.  The temple is made on the site where Sita and Lord Ram got married. Thus, thousands of Hindu devotees visit the cities every year within Nepal and India. Janakpur is regarded as a popular place to visit. The temple carries a significant value of  Mogul architecture in Nepal. Along with religious importance,  Janakpur is also the centre for the revival of the ancient Mithila art and craft. Mithila women have always been decorating the walls of their houses as a tradition.

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