Rafting and Kayaking Nepal

Rafting in Triruli is one of Nepal’s most popular rafting rivers. followed by a famous pilgrimage place Gosaikunda which lies high in the Himalaya and mixes with other rivers like Budhi Gandaki, Marsyangdi River, and Seti River as it flows ahead. It’s within easy reach of Kathmandu and Pokhara. A rafting trip on this river can be made for a varied duration, depending upon the availability of time and interest.

It is widely acknowledged for its most culturally stimulating and exciting river trips in the world with its diversity of demography, landscapes, and cultural heritage and the flora and fauna, the journey through the blue water. The breath-taking alpine scenery and amazing rapids with some truly impressive gorges in its lower part as it cut its way through the 2000 meters high Mahabharat Range.
During the monsoon, it offers a challenging rafting experience not to be missed and during the rest of the year, it is suitable for families and beginners.

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