Reasons to Visit Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park is one of the largest National Park in Lowland Terai region of Nepal in Bardia district providing excellent habitat for most of the endangered spices of wildlife and birds. The park now covers an area of 968 sq km and is divided into several regions- each with their own diverse flora and fauna. It was only in 1994 that basic facilities existed for independent visitors. It has extensive and varied wildlife -all endangered rhinoceros, wild elephant, the Bengal tiger, swamp deer, black buck, gharial and mugger crocodile, Gangetic dolphin.

Three Big Animals: Tiger, Rhino & Elephant: Bardia National Park shelters three big animals such as Tiger, Rhino and wild elephants. It is basically known as finest tiger reserve in Nepal. Asian wild elephant travel within the national park from two to group of 14 or 15 at one time all the way through lalmatti, karnali chisapani to Babai Valley, similarly they also travel to India through Kothiyaghat. Rhinos are one horned as African rhinos are two horned, at the beginning rhinos are trans located from Chitwan National Park.

Bird Life: Bardia National Park is a paradise for Bird watchers as there are over 400 species of Birds. In addition to the resident spaces, several migratory birds visit the park that is why Bardia is a paradise of birds as well. Where your walk will be on a sunrise through the jungle and along the river bank.

Fishing Trip:  Are you interested for fishing? Then why not try! Let’s head for the fishing. The karnali and Babai River are famous for Mahasheer (Golden Mahasheer), a King of the fish. Once you catch, you feel to leave them back into the river of its beauty and feeling of its own world. Angling is gaining popularity in Nepal as a water sport. Approximately 118 varieties of freshwater fish are found in the Himalayan rivers ranging from the much sought after Mahseer to the mountain stream trout varieties. Fishing trips on white waters are generally organized before and after the monsoons from February through April and October through November.

Deer Species: Bardia National Park holds five different species of Deers and are Spotted Deer, Hog Deer, Barking Deer, Samber Deer, Swamp Deer.

Two Types of Monkeys: There are two types of monkeys are available one very naughty rhesus monkey and the another Langur Monkey (Hanumana).

Black Buck: It is Nepal’s most endangered antelope and is found only in Bardia district. So, the park is actively engaged in conserving the last remaining population of black buck surviving at Khairapur in Bardia outside the park. The area is about 35 km south from Thakurdwara, park headquarters which is especially created for them to increase its number and protect the habitation.

Others: Fresh Water Dolphin, Blue Bull, Butterfly, Many insects, snakes, scorpions, porcupine, leaches, Hyena, Python, crocodiles




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