Why Travel with Anu Treks

Anu Treks, established in 2007, is a privately owned and locally operated adventure travel company based in Nepal. Our mission is to create affordable adventures for travelers seeking unique experiences. With over 11 years of expertise in the adventure travel industry, we pride ourselves on delivering the best services with our local experts and tour guides.

24/7 Support: We are available 24/7 to promptly address your concerns. Whether through SMS, calls, or emails, we ensure you feel comfortable and can reach out to us at any time. Our commitment is to resolve your issues quickly and provide the assistance you need.

Local Experts Team: Our team comprises locally trained experts who are passionate about adventure travel. With in-depth knowledge of Nepal’s regions, culture, and communities, they ensure your journey is unforgettable. We explore every region with enthusiasm, sharing local insights for a richer experience.

Book Now, Pay Later: To make your travel planning convenient, we offer a “book now, pay later” option. Secure your preferred package with a small deposit, and you can pay the remaining amount upon your arrival.

Responsibility and Ethics: We prioritize responsible tourism, advocating for sustainable and ethical practices. Our commitment extends to protecting and developing the delicate relationship with local communities and nature. Anu Treks focuses on creating positive impacts through responsible tourism.

Real Life Experiences: Explore local itineraries with authentic experiences, connecting with local people and communities. This approach builds meaningful relationships and contributes to responsible tourism, allowing you to gain insights into local life.

Your Safety is Our Concern: Safety is paramount. Our guides are well-trained, equipped with first aid kits, and knowledgeable about acclimatization and important information. We provide updates on tourism, political situations, weather, and more to ensure your safety during your time in Nepal.

Enjoy Discounts: We offer various discounts, including student tour packages, family travel discounts, group discounts, and special discounts for referrals from past visitors. Your loyalty and referrals are valued, and we provide discounts accordingly.